Pool Fencing

A pool fence is not only a legal obligation; it could save a life!

Your pool fencing performs an important function, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. When searching pool fencing products, and you’ll find a surprising number of options for both domestic and commercial properties.

We’re more than happy to help you at Aaurora Fencing because we understand the legal requirements for domestic fencing and commercial fencing surrounding pools.

Many of our clients choose Colorbond fencing for their homes because of its modern lines, durability and privacy. However, commercial properties with a pool on the premises often prefer fences with greater visibility for increased safety.

What makes a good pool fence?

  • Durability – choose pool fencing manufactured from strong, low maintenance materials that can withstand Australian conditions
  • No climb – a pool fence cannot have horizontal bars or holes that could be used as feet or hand holds. Vertical gaps must not be wide enough to let a child squeeze through
  • Visibility – you should be able to see into the pool area from your house and garden
  • Style – a fence should complement your sparkling pool. Don’t ruin the view with an unattractive fence

Aaurora Fencing can help you choose and install the best pool fence for your property at an affordable price. Why not visit our one-stop fencing shop at 9 Jaygee Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast or contact us today.

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Attractive Pool Fencing

As experts in pool fencing installations across the South East Queensland area, Aaurora Fencing is your ideal option.

Whether you’re moving to a property with a pool, your pool area needs refurbishment, or you’re installing a pool for the first time, our expert services are the number one option for fence installation. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can advise on a range of different styles and designs, helping you find the option that best suits your pool while also meeting Queensland laws and regulations for pool fencing.

Whether you prefer high-visibility fencing with glass panels, or you’re considering a more traditional fence, we’re able to find an option that works best for you. With years of experience in installing all types of fencing, we’re more than capable of completing high-quality, fast installations for pools in back gardens.

Whether you need fencing to include seating areas, decking or even to reach around parts of a difficult landscape, we’d be more than happy to install fencing that you’ll love.

Commercial Pool Fencing Installation

From spas to gyms to fitness centres and public pools, any business with a pool has a duty of care to have the correct fencing in place. With a large amount of experience in installing and designing pool fencing for commercial purposes, our expertise makes us the best option available.

Whether you need to renew pool fencing to suit your customers’ needs, or you are planning on building a pool in a new build property, we’re equipped with the connections and knowledge to install fencing that not only looks good but meets all required regulations.

While many companies specialise in either commercial or residential pool fencing, our expert team offers both. That means you’re getting the highest possible standard of service with Aaurora Fencing, allowing you to choose a range of different pool fences to best suit the exterior décor, style and setting of your pool. Just because pool fencing is a legal requirement doesn’t mean it can’t look great too, and with a range of designs on offer, we can find a style that best suits your commercial property easily.

Why choose Aaurora Fencing?

Our friendly, expert team is the ideal choice for pool fencing. Highly experienced, trained, and prepared to go the extra mile, we understand your individual needs’ best fencing options. We ensure the highest safety standards are met with every fence that we recommend, and we work to ensure installation is perfect for long-lasting results that look just as good years after install as they do the day of.

If you require a professional fencing company for pool fencing on the Gold Coast, Aaurora Fencing is the best option. Our expertise, knowledge and professionalism are all some of the reasons why our customers choose us. With a reputation for high-quality work, consistency and reliability, our services ensure your pool area is as safe as possible year-round, with no exception. Get in touch today to get a free quote for our services.

What Clients Say

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Hi Troy, just letting you know that your two young men did a wonderful job with my fence and cleaned everything up before they left. As agreed we left the old fence standing. Thank you for such a great job. I will be happy recommending you 🙂
M & T Ballam-Cross
M & T Ballam-Cross
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We would like to thank you for sending Dean to build our fence for us. He has done an excellent job. He is a meticulous worker who justifiably has great pride in his work. We were astonished at his energy and willingness to go the extra mile. We will be happy to recommend Dean and Aaurora fencing to all of our friend
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Management Aaurora Fencing – Fencing was completed at my property yesterday you as management need to know I could not fault professionalism shown by both Troy & Dean who carried out their duties to the highest standards.

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